Whistle-Stop Special

As the name suggest, we at Whistle-Stop always try to give something special to expand the horizon. The word special not only means that we are specially equipped for the plan, but also the plan is special and also the tourist involved. Whistle-Stop Tours and Travels has put an extra bit to travelling with its service laden with ingenuity and warmth from the core of the people associated with it. So we are thrilled to bring an exciting range of options for the dear customers.

Gang of Girls

Whistle-Stop Tours & Travels plans conducting tours, camps and excursion exclusively for the incredible women out there under the supervision of our female tour managers. Hence we call forth every girl and woman to join our Women Club to stay updated regarding the upcoming plans. So ladies, be prepared with your gang to travel, explore and make memories for a lifetime.

Retired, not tired

With age comes wisdom, but also physical limitations. Whistle-Stop Tours & Travels presents this special category of trip only for the elderly citizens of our society. Our efficient team, with a backup of a medical team, will allow you to visit the places you are yet to see in this Incredible India.


Learning on field is an important part of our education system. Be it school or be it college, excursion has a pivotal role. Whistle-Stop Tours & Travels have a specialized team to handle field trips and excursions, where we try to provide a hassle free and enjoyable ambience to both students and faculties, so that learning and fun both becomes an integral part of the trip and a permanent memory to cherish throughout life.


Kolkata is a perpetually ongoing festival of human existence, concurrently luxurious and squalid, refined and frantic, pointedly futuristic, while beautifully in decay. Famously known as the City of Joy, Kolkata is, in every sense, the artistic, cultural and intellectual capital of the country. Kolkata is soaked in layers and layers of heritage and culture, and peeling off each layer to look beneath the hood is a very rewarding, once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the famous quote goes, “If you want a city with a soul, come to Kolkata”. Whistle-Stop Tours & Travels organize a city trip that includes visit to The Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Princep Ghat, Sovabazaar Rajbari, Belur, Eco Park and many more.

A day trip to Chandannagar and Bandel is like walking down the lane of history, as both the town has many archeological remnants of French and Protuguese Colony respectively. Be it the Basilica of Holy rosary in Bandel or the French Colony of Chandannagar, history relives with the experience.
Finally the trip is not over without a cruise on the Ganges from Princepghat!!